Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil GY901 Natural Black

I saw this pencil mentioned on MUA recently as a good colour for asian skin tones with natural dark brows because most products on the market are too brown or red and so on.  It's grey and why not for science right?

Straight out of the box

Text says "Made in China Assembled in USA "

Close up of the brush

See how wide and round it is

Swatch order is RBR Grey Go-away Lourie, Shiseido Pencil GY901 Natural Black, Shu Uemura
Hard Formula in stone gray 05
(pigmented because applied over skin with sunscreen)
I wish there was a shu hard formula pencil colour that is less brown than stone grey.
Testing the pencil + Kate brow powder

USA website says:

Achieve and maintain perfect brows all day long. Firm pencil precisely draws in individual brows or fills in broad areas. Maintains a just applied look without need for touch up. Brush end blends hairs and pencil for a natural look.

What it really does for me is none of the above.

The formula is too emollient and it is not long lasting over my skincare.  It might work if I don't use anything on my skin and let it be but that would be painfully dry.  The brush is useless because it's too round and the pencil product will completely move to where I don't want it instead of blending.

Colour wise, the colour is blue-purple tinted grey with a white base, not natural looking on me in person. It did look better once corrected with Kanebo Kate brow palette to add some yellow hue back into it.  I tried it on my eyelids and it looks like I blended purple grey e/s onto my eyelids, not bad if I want a base colour like that.

Overall this pencil is a disappointment if my aim was to reduce my brow routine to a single product.
I can use it in my current routine but it isn't as user friendly compared to the shu pencil because extra effort required for an even application and it doesn't last and becomes patchy too quickly for the extra effort.

I'm going to stick to with my current routine of K-palette (stain base) + Shu stone grey (base colour) + RBR Grey Go-away Lourie (corrector + setting) and that lasts all day in humid and hot conditions and workout/bush walking.  Although, I will continue to search for a simpler brow routine product,  maybe dipbrow in dark brown is next on the hit list?  Any suggestions?