Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick no. 52 Rosy Coral & Gloss Volupté 204 Corail Trapeze

I haven't watch the show "My Love from Another Star, You Who Came from the Stars"starring Jun Ji Hyun.  I only saw screen caps of it and insane ebay listings with equally insane bids.

I saw the lipstick for the first time on Silverkis. I forgot about it until I overheard a SA pitching it to a lady that had no idea about what the SA was going on about "popular Korean actress", that was a funny scene because the SA didn't even know the name of the actress that she was referring to. Unfortunately, she did buy the last one at that store and the SA continued to ignore me and I left when she bee lined to a guy in a nice suit. For a week, I was obessed with finding one to buy because it's a pretty colour. I contacted Myer to see if they had any and their customer service called me a few days later telling me they have 7 in stock in Australia and she told me the closest store might have one so I rushed over there at lunch time and purchased it with Gloss Volupté 204 that I was playing with the other day but here was no SA around at David Jones to sell it to me and it was only 3pm!

YSL had a gift with purchase, purple pouch and a sample card for three Gloss Volupté shades. This is probably the first time I have purchased make up in person since discovering online shopping about six years ago.  Getting something right now and out of my mind is probably worth the extra $$... sometimes.

Th whole haul

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rouge Bunny Rouge Collection

I've been growing my modest RBR collection and recently I have added Loose Glitter Pigments Fire Drops in Sleeping under a Mandarin Tree and Long-Lasting Eyeshadow- When Birds Are Singing in Mysterious Tinamou to my collection.  

Sleeping under a Mandarin Tree

Sleeping under a Mandarin Tree

I tried to take pictures when there was more light but it just blew out to white :(

This product is a bit hard to work with.  I apply it on the back of my hand first and pick it up with a flat definer brush to pat over a base for that beautiful golden sheen.   Has anyone press this to a pan shadow?

Here it is by itself in the morning sun. So blinding.

I used lower exposure here and it is still blinding and pic looks kind of desaturated
Definitely eye brightening stuff there.

Mysterious Tinamou
Mysterious Tinamou looks really nice over a pencil or liquid liner. Hakuhodo G521 Eyeliner Brush D1 is great brush for adding any e/s over a precise line because it picks up just enough shadow to avoid fall out.  I don't recommend a round brush with this e/s coz look at that fall out I made.

Over primer, Shiseido ghost and Mysterious Tinamou over black (dollywink) and brown (avance) liquid liner.

Older purchases:

L to R
Blackpepper Jay, Angelic Cocktiels, Periwinkle Cardinal, Sweet Dust Seriema, Grey Go Away Lourie
Middle refills are Abyssinian Catbird Unforgettable Oriole.

Chestnut Napped Apalis, Fire Tailed Sunbird and Solstice Halcyon

All shimmer shades applied over NYX HD eye primer.

Mysterious Tinamou, Periwinkle Cardinal, Abyssinian Catbird, Sleeping under a Mandarin Tree, Angelic Cocktiels, Fire Tailed Sunbird with a speck of basil pollen,  Unforgettable Oriole, Solstice Halcyon

Mysterious Tinamou, Periwinkle Cardinal, Abyssinian Catbird, Sleeping under a Mandarin Tree, Angelic Cocktiels, Fire Tailed Sunbird,  Unforgettable Oriole, Solstice Halcyon
Outdoors with basil back drop so it doesn't look like I'm taking pics of the neighbour's window.
By the way Periwinkle Cardinal, Abyssinian Catbird and Angelic Cocktiels are too irritating for me to wear which is a pity because so pretty.
Matte Shades

No primer, applied with fingers (photo taken in shade)
Blackpepper Jay, Grey Go Away Lourie, Sweet Dust Seriema, Chestnut Napped Apalis

With primer, applied with no.9 round sable art brush, in sunlight (it's warmer looking)

Again with Burberry Almond on far right.

Before I purchased Chestnut Napped Apalis, I was curious about how close it is to Burberry's Almond and I could not find a comparison. They look quite close in the swatch right?  I think there is a huge different between them when used on eyelids. Almond has a golden sheen is a lot more pigmented that is harder to blend out once laid down over primer, Chestnut on the other hand is sheer and difficult to build up so it is perfect for a blending shade.

Blackpepper Jay seems to be the only shade that looks about the same with or without primer on my dry skin and it is difficult to remove the swatch.  I'm not a fan of the mattes on my eyelids (irritation issues and doesn't look good) but I like them for brows. K-palette liquid brow pen 02 to draw brow tail and with Chikuhodo Z-series Z-6 I apply a very small amount of Grey Go Away Lourie + Sweet Dust Seriema to fill in my brows and they stay all day unless you're up for a 1hr cardio session.

What are your favourite shades? Does anyone else have similar problems with rbr shadows?  I can't wear urban decay naked 1 for the same reason.

Sorry about the lighting conditions and focus issues in swatch pics. I hope they are still helpful in some way.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Current loves

Before we begin, look at these pretty flowers that I grew from $2 seed packet. I didn't expect such pretty colours considering the packet had maroon coloured flowers on it.

Pink Aster

Purple Aster