Friday, November 28, 2014

Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro 05 Auburn

Just to wipe the dust of this old blog, a post about this new to me product...

next to window

with sunlight (could not capture the rainbow shimmer)

hand and face are similar colour

on my inner arm it looks closer to the pot colour since I smear a whole chunk of it to get that opacity

I was very excited to see these in store and I tested them out on my hand.  I didn't swatch more than these, I didn't want to deal with SA or anything.  I just thought 02 was very purple brown and dry while the other two are smoother to apply and actually smudge proof,  02 had already wore off a bit by the time I got home to take these pictures.  I purchased 05 later online from David Jones at $49 AU since 02 was out of stock and it looked similar to the brow powder colour I use.

After testing this out on my brows, my colour choice was a bad one for my needs if I wanted to reduce my brow routine to one product.  Since I need to draw on 1/3 of my brows this doesn't work but if I only wanted to make my brow less sparse then it is very natural looking.  This makes a great base for a darker pencil/pens to add more depth and it is truly smudge proof and realistic "fake" brow tail.  I haven't had the chance to test this on a 4 hour bush walk during summer at 40 degree Celsius or something close to that.

As a cream eyeshadow, it is lovely and there is no need for an eyelid primer with this.  This product goes really well with Chanel illusion d'ombre which is good news for me because they always require a base to not crease.

Zoeva 223 Petit Eye Blender is amazing for applying this kind of product as e/s btw.

I wonder if product range performs differently depending on the colour since shade 02 Wenge wood was so dry and could be rubbed off easier than shade 05 and 06.

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  1. Hi Linda, these are lovely, but i'm not sure theyll work on my brows at all. On the lids, I can definitely see it though! And I totally get the swatch-and-run-before-the-SA-gets-you moment!!