Monday, June 16, 2014

Some Japanese Makeup Brushes

Laura, left a comment requesting a few times from my to do list a while ago, better late than never right?

The items were:
Yojiya Ebony shadow brush round squirrel
Yojiya Ebony shadow brush Canada squirrel
Koyudo BP031 Eye Shadow Brush M
Koyudo C011 Eye Shadow Brush R
Koyudo BP039 Eye Shadow Brush S
Koyudo BP037 Eye Shadow Brush S
Koyudo BP033 Eye Shadow Brush M

I added some other brushes in the post as well.

Very long post!

Starting with Yojiya brushes, I only purchased two to try.

Yojiya Ebony shadow brush round squirrel and Yojiya Ebony shadow brush Canada squirrel

The Yojiya brushes are incredibly nice to use, they are very gentle on the eyes, no scratchy feeling at all.  A lot more affordable than Suqqu brushes while being similarly quality (hairs).

This is my bad Suqqu M brush btw

I think they feel similar, do the same kind of job etc

Now onto Koyudo brushes.

Very nice brushes, no scratchy ones so far.  

BP031 and BP033 are made of different hairs but are both very soft and gentle. BP033 probably is 2 times bigger on side view.

BP037 has to be washed before use because it looks like a calligraphy brush when brand new, it's a lovely blending brush for my small eyes (see close up photo for reference).

BP039 is kind of similar in shape to Hakuhodo G5513BkSL Eye Shadow Brush round flat nice for sensitive eyes if the Hakuhodo is a bit rough.

Similar but C011 is firmer, more useful for blending but too big for a "pencil brush" jobs for me.  Z-10 is ok for soft graphic placements on sensitive eyes but kind of useless otherwise because too floppy.  My ideal size for a pencil brush is Hakuhodo G5515BkSL.  I won't be looking for another Suqqu S dupe.

White Mushroom! 
I saw it mentioned on MUA by spookydeuce, her pictures made me want it and I had cdjapan points to spend to make it slightly less expensive.

As packaged  (I thought they ran out of the pouch, nice surprise)

The black handle is is kind of shimmery, not flat black.

Pain to photograph!
Incredibly soft and fluffy, I don't even care if it will make my powder foundation look nicer, it's here for petting lol  I don't think it's possible if you're talking about the THREE powder foundation because that stuff is fool proof with application and wears like iron while looking like skin.

Bonus SUQQU brush family pics
Each Suqqu brush is different (sorry cheek brush is dirty)

"The Cheek brush". I have purchased way to many alternatives to this brush... 
Started off with RMK blush brush, then Chikuhodo Z-4, Koyudo Red Squirrel Cheek Brush, and Tanseido Cheek Brush YAQ 17 before I finally caved and purchased the SUQQU anyway.  For Science! lol
RMK, Suqqu, Chikuhodo Z-4, Tanseido Cheek Brush YAQ 17 (all in their brand new state)

I thought the cheek brush really was tiny at first, probably the plastic sleeve shaped it to be so narrow. After using it a few times, it flared out to that shape in the dirty picture. I like the brush, it is perfect for THREE blushes because they are so soft and pigmented, not so great with hard blushes. There are softer brushes out there but this one has that soft just bouncy thing going on so it's not soft and floppy which is kind of useless when trying to blend things out. Btw this brush doesn't make applying blush easier, better or make me want to apply blush more often much like a Wacom Cintiq 24HD touch (ew price) doesn't make someone draw better than using Intuos 3 or want to draw more.

I rarely use the Suqqu L eyeshadow brush, it's for those all over the base or glowy e/s shades. It feels like a mini Cheek brush :)  I prefer something smaller to be honest.

My Suqqu F eyeshadow brushes were purchased around the same time, one from Japan and the other from Selfridges. They don't look identical but they are both the same quality.  I wanted try one since I saw Suqqu demo videos by Erica.  Darn it I keep watching that EX20夏牡丹 video lol

My Suqqu M eyeshadow brushes were purchased the same way but years apart. The older one is bad because it is scratchy and pokey. The scratchy one is made with thicker hairs and are mostly blunt while the new one is made with silky finer hairs uncut hair just like other brushes. I have been hating on the old one for years, questioning why it was so popular and people keep saying how soft it is so I got a second one to see if it is any different and wow are they are so different!  I like the new one but not sure why it is rounder and less pointy.  

Btw I have no need or urge to purchase the Suqqu Powder brush.  Lunasol and RMK powder brushes are decent enough and I still have unused Chikuhodo Z-1 and Z-9 in plastic wraps.

Anyways I hope the pictures are helpful.  I'm working on that list!


  1. That adorable white mushroom is totally for petting and cudding and loving! squeee!

    That's funny. My Suqqu M looks a lot like your "bad" M, generally more pointier than other pictures I've seen, but with the same wonderful fine tipped softness of their usual "good" grey squirrel hair.

    Hmmm, those Canadian squirrel Yojiya do look might fine.

  2. I haven't even used some other brushes that I have purchased, totally overwhelmed! *pets brushes on table

  3. What a wonderful comparison post! Could I ask what you think of the Tanseido YAQ 17? It looks so similar to the Suqqu cheek brush, I'm wondering if it applies the same way!

    1. It's smaller then than the Suqqu, sorry for late reply.