Friday, June 20, 2014

Dior Addict Fluid Stick

Dior Addict Fluid Sticks, my current lip obsession at the moment.  You can tell I love them since I have 5 and a 6th (in mail since Adambeauty has restocked)

Whisper Beige 219, Tiny Pink 269, Rieuse 373, Aventure 551 and Wonderland 575

Whisper Beige 219, Tiny Pink 269, Rieuse 373, Aventure 551 and Wonderland 575

I think they are all shimmer free.  They are scented, I'd say medium strength, maybe a bit stronger than their their lip polish range.

My favourite as it shade is Tiny Pink 269.  I like to layer or blend Whisper Beige with the others to get a brighter effect because Whisper Beige evens out my lips and lets the other shades sit better, otherwise Riesue looks a lot like Aventure but sheer.  Whisper Beige is also my perfect nude lip colour.

I use a lip brush to apply these, I don't like using the wand and dipping it back in tbh.  They seem to infuse my lips with moisture and keep them moist, no lip peeling experience.

These retail around $50 AUD at my local counters, I just go there to see which colour I would like and stalk Adambeauty or some other web shop.


  1. these shades look so vibrant on your skin! did I tell you that I mentioned you told me it was on AB on mua and it caused a stampede on that site? :) sorry it sucked all the inventory out.
    I recently returned Tiny Pink because for some reason it looked very off on me. But I still have Wonderland and it's a gorgeous bright color. Love the selection you have here, too.

    1. He he that was funny, I didn't know until days later that I got blamed. I wish I can return some ysl stuff lol *cough liner