Saturday, May 24, 2014

THREE Renewing Powder Foundation 202

THREE Cosmetics, why are you so difficult to Google search?

Foundation swatches are so rare and even if there is, they are not compared to something most people are familiar with.  I purchased THREE Renewing Powder Foundation 202 unseen, would of got the cream foundation if I didn't have Chantecaille Future Skin already.  I also purchased Shiseido Maquillage True Powdery UV OC00 to compare, since it is more commonly found on google search.

Fresh pan (refill only), the sponge is very soft (not pictured)

Line up to see how similar they are in pan form

Here is the swatches L to R over primer to show up on my anti powder skin.
RMK Powder Foundation EX 101 (sorry very faint, it's very close to my skin colour)
Shiseido Maquillage True Powdery UV OC00
THREE Renewing Powder Foundation 202 (2 strips light, dark)
Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation (just included for nc20 reference purposes)
Graftobian HD Glamour Cream Porcelain (included for very fair shade reference)


Outdoors in direct sunlight

Outdoors in direct sunlight, lower exposure

I think I could have purchased 203 instead since 202 is a bit light to wear as a foundation when applied with a sponge but for my purposes (as powder) it is fine.  It doesn't seem to give much coverage anyway, it colour corrects and keeps things not shiny but not dead matte, doesn't look powdery but it can catch onto flakes (time to pull out tweezers to fix).  Oil control is awesome for me, it won when I put THREE one side and Maquillage on the other.  I like it so far because the undertone is spot on so hopefully no breakouts or I will be very sad because it was kinda expensive.  I hope this will replace my RMK powder nicely, the shade is most similar but better.

You might notice Maquillage True Powdery UV swatches darker but it isn't darker than THREE on my face, it actually has a white cast on areas where redness was.   The textures are similar, I really can't tell the difference, maybe a bit smoother to the touch and more coverage.

Both powders are scent free imo (no overwhelming scents like Burberry or Chanel powder blushes while BNIB) but some people might say they have a faint scent of some sort but I won't go inhaling the powder pans to make sure.

Anyways, I hope the swatches help someone out there.

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  1. You are so right, foundation swatches are so hard to find, particularly of Japanese brands not sold in the US. So, thank you so much for these swatches.