Monday, March 3, 2014

Paul & Joe - Face Powder S

I know I said I won't be getting the balls but I got them when asos had a 15% off code, along with some clothes and what not.

Lovely reviews at drivelaboutfrivol and swatcharama :) 

I had fun taking pics but the scent made me sneeze a few times.  After application, the scent does go away but it lingers faintly, their skincare smells a lot nicer imo.  The balls don't do anything for me, in fact my camera is more likely to focus on the applied area rather than make it "blur" out, I have a whole bunch of pictures where my arm was blurry and only the swatch was in focus lol.  Applied on my face, it is a bit sparkly for my liking, and they show up in photos with my camera but not drying like Guerlain version.  

So here we have photos of the product

Pretty bird picture

Sorry I misaligned the box

Picture of birds in a nest sitting on a fluffy pillow lol


If  I had time to make a nest I would but this will do right?

With sunlight

With sunlight

Extreme close up, 100% size of photo but cropped
no sun :( 

no sun :( 

Basic shots, no fluffy backgrounds.

Sorry for inconsistent lighting because overcast day with rare rays of light.

I hope you enjoy the pictures :)

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  1. So lovely!
    I think I am set for now since I have the Guerlain Blanc De Perle (thanks to Belly), but I've been eyeing on these as well.
    Thanks for the comparison as well. Now I know what ballz can do for my face, it would be nice to have less drying options with softer finish. :)