Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick no. 52 Rosy Coral & Gloss Volupté 204 Corail Trapeze

I haven't watch the show "My Love from Another Star, You Who Came from the Stars"starring Jun Ji Hyun.  I only saw screen caps of it and insane ebay listings with equally insane bids.

I saw the lipstick for the first time on Silverkis. I forgot about it until I overheard a SA pitching it to a lady that had no idea about what the SA was going on about "popular Korean actress", that was a funny scene because the SA didn't even know the name of the actress that she was referring to. Unfortunately, she did buy the last one at that store and the SA continued to ignore me and I left when she bee lined to a guy in a nice suit. For a week, I was obessed with finding one to buy because it's a pretty colour. I contacted Myer to see if they had any and their customer service called me a few days later telling me they have 7 in stock in Australia and she told me the closest store might have one so I rushed over there at lunch time and purchased it with Gloss Volupté 204 that I was playing with the other day but here was no SA around at David Jones to sell it to me and it was only 3pm!

YSL had a gift with purchase, purple pouch and a sample card for three Gloss Volupté shades. This is probably the first time I have purchased make up in person since discovering online shopping about six years ago.  Getting something right now and out of my mind is probably worth the extra $$... sometimes.

Th whole haul

They're pretty together, the packaging looks more gold when they reflect each other lol

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick no. 52 Rosy Coral and Gloss Volupté  no. 204 Corail Trapeze
(yay sunlight)

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick 52 Rosy Coral, outdoors on paper

More colour accurate with direct sunlight?

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick 52 Rosy Coral, in shade.  It looks pink because overcast sky.

Gloss has sparse tiny gold shimmers

Close up of the sample gloss if you're interested

Arm swatch 

 Gloss Volupté 204 Corail Trapeze, Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick no. 52 Rosy Coral 

Again but outside, direct sunlight


Gloss Volupté 204 Corail Trapeze on bare lips

Warmer lighting, you can see it's quite sheer, freckles showing

Lighting is a bit blue here, it's not pink in person

The gloss smells like melon candy to me and I don't mind it.  I'm glad it doesn't smell like Korres Lip Butter Mango because that was truly gross!!! I love fresh mangos and it doesn't smell like any of the varieties that I have tried around here.  Bowen and Kensington mangos smell delicious while Nam Doc Mai mango is probably in the acquired taste category but I like it.  If this gloss smelled like R2E2 or Calypso variety then it will probably scentless and tasteless ^_-  The gloss is nice because it makes lips look nice and plump while being a pretty colour.

Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick 52 Rosy Coral on bare lips

Probably most accurate shot but sorry for dry lips
(applied with brush)

A step back from doorway, less light.
(applied with brush)

Update, I took another set of lip swatches just for the sake of trying to make it look darker if applied straight from bullet, 3 layers (Apply, blot, apply, blot, apply).
I used the same camera and a phone camera to see if it make a huge difference.

In shade, at about sunset on the east side of apartment (inside).

In shade, at about sunset on the east side of apartment (outside).

In direct sun ray from window.  Looks a lot warmer but not red.
Sparkles on skin thanks to Paul & Joe bird balls

Warm sunset lighting.  *cringe at SLR skin details
Shade lighting taken with phone.

Sunset lighting taken with phone.

I didn't apply balm first so you can see what it can do to lip lines.  I used a brush, this is probably not full opacity and it probably won't happen with a brush.  I would probably wear a gloss on top or use a balm underneath when I wear this properly. It does dry to a almost transfer proof finish and it doesn't come off easily so it is perfect for Korean style gradient lip make up looks. This lipstick is not moisturising at all but it's not drying. I kind of like the rose scent, it is strong but doesn't make me sneeze all the time like most scented products.

By the  way, if you are thinking "Why is it so light and pink?" I'm not sure, maybe because overcast day? This other blogger has pictures with similar colour,  it looks heaps better on her and she paired it with the 202 gloss.

Any dupes in my stash?  Not really.  At first glance, I thought Revenge looked rather close but after some comparison, no unless I had bad lighting.

Next to some other bright shades that I have, oddly enough silk stockings looks orange next to those, it's a warm red on lips.
Addiction cheek stick Revenge  and
 Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick no. 52 Rosy Coral

Addiction cheek stick Revenge  and Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick no. 52 Rosy Coral
They looked similar here, had to lower exposure to see.
L to R
Addiction cheek stick Revenge
Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick no. 52 Rosy Coral
Paul & Joe Full Pigment Lipstick Silk Stockings 303
Not as similar here after going heavier

Paper swatch
Revenge is actually bluer and darker on lips (imo scary by itself and does no favours for my lip texture).
Silk Stockings is a full on red coral (lovely on lips but hate scent and the charcoal thing didn't work on it).

I don't have a similar gloss to compare so that's it.  I hope the pictures were helpful, and good luck finding YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick no. 52 Rosy Coral.  


  1. I was about to go and see if I should get the YSL, but I saw you swatch it next to Addiction's Revenge, which I already have. So yay. :D Thank you!

    1. Rosy Coral texture is more flattering but it is quite close when applied on lips to get the inspired actress look.

  2. Rosy Coral is very pretty.... and since having recently divested myself of Revenge...
    Wait...that smell! D:

    1. I think if your lips hated Addiction lipcrayon texture then this is not for you either, it feels similar but it doesn't rub off as easily. The colour is more flattering than Revenge cheek stick because it has more yellow, so on lips so it doesn't look as jarring in person, I think it freaks out cameras. The smell is a good rose :)

  3. hey Linda, i'm so glad you finally managed to get hold of 52! It does look rather light on you... it's full on neon on me! But then i swipe it right from the bullet.. lol. It is a tad dry on my lips too... makes me reach for that balm the moment I take it off. Thanks for the link love! xx

    1. I was going to ask you if I didn't find it on that day :) I'll try to apply it more heavily to see if I can get it darker.

  4. OH THAT LIPSTICK! I've only tried a Rouge Volupte Shine so far, but not yet the other YSL lipsticks. This looks like a typical Sunny color though. I've got to swatch it!

    1. Go find it :) It's very pretty and I think you can totally rock that colour.

  5. IF your still looking for #52. Bergdorf Goodman just received it and ground ships for free!

  6. How is rosy corail compared to rose paris 27?

    1. I don't have Rose Paris 27 to compare it to :(

  7. very helpful review, thank you!

  8. great post - really helpful!

  9. Hey. I tried to track down this shade in Texas recently. Bought one from Neiman Marcuse but it was No 52 rouge rose. Thought it was just a name change but the shade is more red not coral at all. Ordered straight from YSL and same thing happened. They sent another to correct issue and it was also Rouge Rose. Called Customer Service to correct this and they refunded me and said they would call me when the factory corrects the shade problem.

    Wondering if you have heard of Rouge Pur Couture No 52 Rosy Coral having a shade change or a name change.