Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lunasol Sheer Glossy Eyes EX04 Peach Beige

I didn't really notice this shade until I saw this post on MUA which set me off on a mission to find it. This shade is really hard to find,  Adambeauty didn't have it, ebay didn't have it either so I ended up getting it from a website that marks things up higher than ichibankao.

For swatches I think this blogger has a good picture of the whole release at the time.

The peachy orange colours in THREE Duo 04 (less shimmer) , THREE 4D Palette 08 Spirit Light (Pinker and more shimmery) and RBR Fire Tailed Sunbird (pic is washed out)  kind of look similar but they all have different textures and finish.  I suppose the RBR e/s is probably the closest in my stash.

I hope this one stays attached to the jar because my Nuance Gray actually fell out of the jar the first time I opened it but it is still to use a year later.

The sparkles are sometimes light purple and pink...can't capture on camera :( 


  1. *looks shifty*
    we are sheer glossy twins :) I like wearing both shades together for a soft neutral eye

  2. Do you have a fotd with that combo? I would love to see and learn.

  3. That is such a good find! Exactly the reason why I am following your blog. Good job!

  4. Gosh that colour is so cute. <3