Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SUQQU Spring Summer 2013 Palettes

Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow Palettes 

SUMIREDAMA EX-11 (artificial light)

SUMIREDAMA EX-11 (sunlight)

 HISUIDAMA EX-12 (artificial light)
HISUIDAMA EX-12 (sunlight)

GINUSUDAMA EX-13 (artificial light)
This version is closest to what I see in person.
GINUSUDAMA EX-13 (sunlight)

L to R: SUMIREDAMA EX-11, HISUIDAMA EX-12, GINUSUDAMA EX-13 (artificial light)

L to R: SUMIREDAMA EX-11, HISUIDAMA EX-12, GINUSUDAMA EX-13 (artificial light)

SUMIREDAMA EX-11,  GINUSUDAMA EX-13 (duochrome in artificial light)
In person they look very similar.  I would say one is warm and one is cool tone.
EX-11 is a purple, it's not the red kind, it's on the blue side.  EX-13 version is blue grey.
I think EX-13 is smoother and prettier on my skin tone and the duochrome actually shows up better.

SUQQU FACE COLOR limited edition EX-02 (artificial light)

SUQQU FACE COLOR limited edition EX-02 (sunlight)

I just got these and I thought I'd post some photos of them even though I'm not very happy with these pictures.  They are very pretty in person. 

I have to say that keely_JI's photos are very accurate and the swatches do correspond to what I see in person now that I have these palettes.  The official photos on the SUQQU website are good enough for me to say they are not misleading.

EX-12 Hisuidama does look like EX-08 Hanamari but since I don't have both I can't really say they are not the same.
I think the brown color is not warm/yellow tone and it has a duochrome sheen like the other palettes in this release. To me it really looks like this photo that I took in natural light.

I hope this is helpful for anyone ordering without seeing these in person.

Edit: Swatches of EX-11 and EX-13 over NARS eye primer.
L to R EX-13 (white, pink, brown orange, blue grey) and Ex-11 (purple, light brown, pink, pale yellow)

on bare skin in the same order

If you want the duochrome to be very strong, use epoxy.  I couldn't tell the difference between the bottom left shades when I used epoxy.  The smoothest shade is the top right.  

Monday, February 4, 2013

Rimmel London Kate Lipstick 16

I think the packaging is nice and practical.

lip swatch

I think it looks a bit too neon warm pink on me in person.  It smells a like candy (nerds or some bubble gum) but it doesn't have a noticeable taste.  I won't recommend this for people with dry lips.  For smooth application I highly recommend using a lip scrub and lip balm before hand.

Maybe one day I'll try a different color but I can't get past the candy scent and I have way too many lip products to try/ use up.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chikuhodo brushes

Chikuhodo Z-9 Powder

Another powder brush...I know right, why do I need another?  Honestly I don't need another but I just couldn't resist.  Brushes don't expire so it's ok :P

I purchased this brush because delicatehummingbird said it was amazing.  It is amazing.  Most of the hair strands in this brush are tapered, I can barely find hairs that have blunt tips and the hairs feel extremely silky like newborn baby hair (but not as thin).  Well to be honest the hair quality is superior to RMK, Lunasol and the SUQQU eyeshadow brushes I have.

Chikuhodo Z-10 Eye Shadow

The hair quality on this brush are really healthy, silky and feel amazing on my skin.  This brush is similar to the Burberry one that I love a lot, it's just longer and has a pointy tip.

I think I won't be buying anymore brushes are a while.  I don't have anymore brushes on my wishlist.

I purchased these brushes via now-eproject. They only sell Chikuhodo products.  The shipping fee was $35, tracking was provided and it arrived within 2 weeks.  I think they have world wide shipping.  They package the goods extremely well.

Overall, I would recommend the Z series for luxury brush collectors.  I wasn't disappointed at all and maybe in the future I will consider purchasing more brushes from this series but for now I have enough brushes for my makeup routine.

Korres Lip Butter Mango

I heard some good things about these so I thought I'd pick one up to try.

Pretty in the pot

Swatch in full sun

This doesn't smell anything like mangoes.  The smell, it is very strong and lingers. The pigmentation is strong if you use a lot on the lips (need to use a lot or lips will be too sticky).  The texture applies buttery but it doesn't feel moisturizing at all, it feels kind of sticky to be honest.  I would say that this is a pot of sticky lip gloss than a balm like product.  It's not a terrible product, it's just too expensive for what it is and it doesn't smell like mangoes!

Dior Addict Be Iconic Extreme Lasting Lipcolor Radiant Shine Lipstick 987 Black Tie

Swatch on my arm.  One layer.

lip swatch in natural light

looks more purple with heavy application.

This color looks scary in the tube but it is quite beautiful once on the lips.  Like dark cherries and a bit of a vampy color.  I would never have picked this up if I didn't see it on bellachique.  She has a stunning post about it.  

The formula is lovely can be worn as a stain or applied to full strength with a lip brush.  I love this because it feels so light and it has no scent or strange taste when worn.  I will try other colors in this line but I'm not a fan of this color :(

Paul & Joe - Face Color G 001 Nymph (Summer 2012 Limited Edition)

A pretty cool tone pink.  The blush color does look as advertised but in person it looks cooler than the the promotional pictures floating around.  It has silver particles that translate to a sheen when applied. It has a fragrance that is the same as the lipsticks with this release.

This was a bargain on asos during December 2012.