Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SUQQU 2013 Christmas Set A and Set B

This purchase completes my SUQQU 2013 limited edition palette collection.

I fell for the colours after seeing a post on ericabeauty's blog. She makes things look impossibly pretty on her eyes and she has a video showing how she uses the EX-18 Aoboshi palette. The EX-18 Aoboshi palette also looks pretty herehere, here and here as well but they all look different from each other.  I saw the EX-19 palette featured on Drivel about Frivol and I was like "thank goodness I ordered that one too!". I think Kate's post about EX-19 Touryokuzora is one of the most colour accurate posts I've seen of it and her swatches are spot on. I also love the looks she created with the palette. Silverkis has some lovely pictures and swatches too.  Just found this one as well.

My package was a bit delayed because it also contained the THREE xmas kit so I can save on shipping.  I told Belly that I would post about these kits last month ...better late than never right?  SORRY BELLY!  I grew flowers for the pics and waited for storms to go away so I get the best photos possible :)

I took heaps of pictures.  To be honest I could not short list the pictures more than I have so this post is extremely picture HEAVY (open in new tab for full view of texture).  I used Canon 600D (borrowed for testing) and Nikon D90 to take pictures.  All pictures are taken in natural light.  I know I'm missing swatches but my skin sucks so none of those.  I'm extremely sorry if you are lemming these palettes since they have sold out ages ago and certain resellers have marked them up to $150+.  If you want to dupe these then you have lots of references here.

The palettes and mascara with light pink begonias.  (Orange and pink shades are over saturated here)

Kit A didn't have nice pics but the bags are different colours. A has a black one and B has a dark green charcoal colour.

I think the sparkles on the palettes are really pretty.  I was a bit disappointed at ex18 when I opened it because the case was prettier (anti climax packaging).  btw Rouge Deluxe has the pretties pics of the case.

Shot with canon.  Yes, I use cotton gloves to handle the pretties.

Shot with Nikon

EX-18 Aoboshi (Canon)

EX-18 Aoboshi (Canon) 

EX-18 Aoboshi (Nikon)

EX-18 Aoboshi (Nikon)
Canon is shaper but the main difference is the orange seems to be less red compared the the Nikon shots in general.
EX-19 Touryokuzora (Canon)

EX-19 Touryokuzora (shot with Canon.  Extra gold in this angle)

EX-19 Touryokuzora (Nikon)

EX-19 Touryokuzora (Nikon)

Side by side (Nikon)

De-potted on white to see them clearly (Nikon)


  1. oh mah gah! the depotted ones look like CANDEEEEE! Such beautiful beautiful pictures, Linda! Not that you were asking for opinions, but I like the Nikon photos. the colors looks especially true.

    1. I'm open to opinions :) I'm glad you like the pictures and they look true. I tested on 4 different monitors >.<

  2. You take the most amazing photographs! Accuracy aside (agree with belly, Nikon seems truer on my screen), the composition is always swoonsome.

    Can you teach some sort of masterclass on blog photos for dummies i.e. me? :D

  3. I'm so glad you think my photos are amazing.
    Masterclass? I'm still learning the process.
    Can I get masterclass on FOTD pics?

    All I do is take pictures in RAW format and I adjust them using that panel that pops up when I open the file. I think they are all "diamonds in the rough" waiting to be cut and polished :)
    This site has a nice tutorial on processing RAWS
    For products photos, we can stop at step 3 and hit open, rotate,crop, watermark and resize as needed.
    I'm happy to answer any specific questions that are not covered in the tutorial.

  4. So much prettiness, I love the look of the casing on these as well. I can't believe how quickly these sold out, I sometimes think Suqqu can't supply the demand.

  5. Thank you so much for the link love! I'm so super honored too, cos your pictures are TDF!!! I agree with Bellyhead, your depotted photo looks so sweet I wanna lick 'em!