Friday, December 13, 2013

Addiction Jean-Michel Basquiat Ready to Wear Eye Palette Soda Lunch

Hmm dinosaur

direct sun light
direct sunlight angled

I didn't really notice this palette when it was released to be honest.
I really liked it on Kate and Liz and their swatches are lovely.

I picked it up while searching for my plan b source for those SUQQU xmas kits.  I'm not sure how much extra I paid and the shop marked up their "last one" after I purchased the one I have now.  

I don't know why my camera has trouble getting the colour right for the teal shade but it is a true teal, the yellow is a slightly warm yellow (not a yellow orange at all. I'm only noting that because different monitors display yellows differently and it is the bane of my working life when that happens) and the purple-base with blue shimmer colour is the only colour that looks consistent with what it does in real life to me.

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