Sunday, October 13, 2013

Shiseido Limited Edition Eye Color Palette 2013

I really wanted one when I saw the first Color Bar Palette picture (the one that was shared on makeup alley and pinterest.)  I used a CP service to purchase one as soon as it was available in USA because I have a feeling that Australia will never get it seeing how we don't even have the key products that are used in the ads they display here.

The front is quite bright. Neon bright. 

taken in direct sunlight

Swatches with sponge tip applicator on bare skin 
It doesn't really look like the picture that made me obsess about the color bar.  The color bar turned out much duller, especially the red and green shades. The black is more of a charcoal grey to my eyes.  I ordered this on the release date and I didn't get it until 11/10/13. Between that time I did have some buyer's remorse without even seeing it in person because I kept seeing more reliable blogger pictures illustrating the fact that the palette is not as bright as I had hoped for.  I'm sure I'll still use it for fun when I have time for that.


  1. Ooh, I'm sorry you are disappointed! :( They are pretty colors though, so I hope you will have some fun playing with them. I also find when I swatch, sponges pick up nothing and don't deposit any color on my arm. Have you tried them on your eyes yet?

    1. I like Soda as a wash so far. I used the suqqu sponge tips for the swatch. I have been playing with it. No primer and with primer. In a time frame of 5 mins, the colors disappear leaving a ghost of themselves while the texture doesn't change at all. I used Parfait Amour yesterday and it becomes a taupe after a few minutes. Will have to test with a sticky base later.

    2. Ugh! That's a so disappointing! I wear over Nars and I've had no fading issues. They seem to perform comparably to my singles and Beach Grass palette.

    3. I was using Parfait Amour and Soda yesterday with nars primer and they faded off completely. I added some THREE liner and added some Parfait Amour on top of that and part stayed fresh as "just applied" until I took it off 12 hours later. I will try other combinations. I am using it and I like the look but it just doesn't stay put without extra help :(

  2. Very very soon in Australian stores ;)