Saturday, October 5, 2013

Gambling with Lavshuca

Another adventure with buying makeup online :)

I wanted to try this eyeshadow because the promo pictures reminded me of SUQQU Komorebi palette.
Orange, warm brown and pastel green

Lavshuca MELTY HEART Eyeshadow  06 cutie tom boy
can you see any of the colors?
Heavy bare skin swatches.
They did apply better over nars primer on my arm but it doesn't work the same way on my eyes, I just ended up with heaps of fallout of random sparkles. I guess they are suppose to be foiled? Anyways I don't recommend this product.

I was tempted by the Lavshuca Candy Bonbon Lips as well. I got PK-5 Clear.
PK-5 Clear

PK-5 swatch

It is quite small with 1.7g of product.  Will we hit pan faster?
The formula is moisturizing, no shimmer, no scent or taste. The color looks horrible on me because it has a white base and it looks nothing like the advertised colour. Maybe good for mixing...or I'll gamble with a different shade later.

I didn't win anything with this range :(

I will miss the Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge range, RD-1 lives in my handbag for now.


  1. Ugh! Perils of blind buying. Thanks for taking one for the team! That new lipstick line looks promising texturally though... hopefully they're not all pastels. :) DMR RD-1 is one of my holy grails too.

  2. I hope there are better shades too :)

  3. It looks so cute in the pan and very close to Suqqu one, too bad that it doesn't apply the same. Thanks for letting us know though. I have never heard of this brand, is it available in US?

  4. No idea. It is a Japanese drug store brand by Kanebo. I got mine off

  5. Did they discontinue the Dramatic Memory Rouge range? :0

    1. I'm not sure what it says on here but it looks repackaged but the colour I liked the most is not listed. Maybe I'll gamble some more soon.

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