Sunday, September 1, 2013

SUQQU Fall 2013

This post features some of the SUQQU Fall 2013 collection items:
Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-15 HANAAZUKI 花小豆
Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-16 BENICHAGASANE 紅茶重
Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-17 HATSUSHIMO 初霜
Face Color Palette EX-03
Bright Up Lipstick EX-01 MITSUDAIDAI 蜜橙

Blurry family pics :)

Pretty cases change color from pink purple to green.

Super shiny with the morning sun.

More shiny pics...



So here are some clean and serious pics without the shiny bits getting in the way.

Just in case the shot above wasn't enough

Compared to other SUQQU shades that look similar in pan form.
If one set wasn't brand new I would not be able to tell what is what in a freestyle palette..honestly.
For the green set, photoshop tells me that ex-12 is a desaturated yellow-green while ex-17 is a desaturated orange-yellow
I had a "huh?" moment when it showed up darker on my skin because the pan shade is so close.
RBR Periwinkle Cardinal, SUQQU EX-12 Green, SUQQU EX-17 Green
Taken outdoors (overcast)

RBR Periwinkle Cardinal, SUQQU EX-12 Green, SUQQU EX-17 Green
Taken indoors

Top right shades of EX-13(left)  EX-16(right)
Want to play spot the difference?
EX-16 is ever so slight more pink and cooler when looking at it in person.
PNGs look better in PS, they look weird in browsers.
Addiction Fudge+Sandbar look almost like this

Just in case you were wondering if that EX-16 shade is similar to all the other gold shades.  

Face Palette EX-03 in shade during afternoon (it's pink here...)
Face Palette EX-03 with direct morning sunlight on different surface. (it looks peachy/coral here)
Do you think if I tie up all of the face palette brushes (from 3 palettes) I would have a cheek/face brush? jk lol

Bright Up Lipstick EX-01 MITSUDAIDAI (shot in sunlight)

Bright Up Lipstick EX-01 MITSUDAIDAI swatch

If you were curious about how similar they are.

Enough pictures right?
If not then check out Kate's EX-17 swatches and eye look.
Whyericawhy also has nice photos and eyelooks.  (I think the accent color is applied on top of black gel liner like all of her other looks and she has a demo video on how she does the looks using other SUQQU palettes)  

I encourage responsible spending, even though they are limited edition and pretty. I hope all those pictures help you decide what is right for you. 
A more affordable high quality colorful option for the eyeshadows is the Shiseido Eye Color Bar palette rrp $50 USD.


  1. I was totally going to pass on most of Fall Suqqu, but these pictures have me convinced otherwise. Thank you so much! SO PRETTY.

  2. Absolutely amazing post!! THANK you:)

  3. Thank you so much for fantastic Pics! Love Suqqu:) the fall palettes are TO DIE FOR! Love combination colors, so bright yet with Suqqu texture, the eyeshadows are elegant and overall best Fall collection 2013 IMO!

  4. I'm so glad I found your blog. Thank you for the detailed photos. They are so helpful!

  5. I'm glad they were helpful, sorry for the lack of swatches. I haven't had time to play with them and when I do have time, it is too dark.