Saturday, August 31, 2013

THREE flash performance eyeliner pencil

I heard great things about these pencils from Kate and Liz so I got some.
Their swatches are excellent btw.

It was difficult to photograph.

Once set they didn't smudge off my arm even when I was probably smearing it all over my desk while cropping the pictures.

Personally, I have always hated pencil eyeliners but this one has changed that.  I love this product because I can finally draw lines on my eyelids that are thin and pigmented and the line weight can be controlled without doing small strokes...just one stroke with a flick and it is perfect and there is no need to clean up for that sharp wing.  It is beautiful and applies like a dream.  Even though I say that my swatch is in pretty bad shape lol... but that's because my arm skin is really dry and on eyelids it is totally different.

07 Eye Doll,  04 Eye Belong, 05 Eye Rock
07 Eye Doll,  05 Eye Rock, 04 Eye Belong

in shade

direct sunlight. 

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