Friday, August 23, 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge Web Boutique

I did a bit of a haul on Rouge Bunny Rouge's website.

I'm also going to have to credit Bellyhead for this haul because those eyeshadows look so nice in her skin swatches.
I've always wanted to get Periwinkle Cardinal coz it looked amazing on Delicate hummingbird and I miss her blogs posts.

In the Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow Colour range I got:
Blackpepper Jay, Sweet Dust Seriema, Grey Go-away Lourie (left side of picture)
In the Long-lasting Eye Shadow Color range I got:
Periwinkle Cardinal and Angelic Cockatiels (right side)
Long-lasting Eye Shadow Color Refill I got: 
Abyssinian Catbird and Unforgettable Oriole. (the 2 randoms on top)

I also picked up the Mattifying Primer Metamorphoses

I kind of regret getting the refills because they are so small and only slightly cheaper.  I don't have any empty palettes to place them in either.  I haven't tried any of them but as usual these posts are for documenting my stash.

With the primer, I was hoping that it works on my eyelids then I can give up on my NARS pro prime.  They cost about the same to me anyway.  

I didn't get Solstice Halcyon because I think it would be too close to Burberry Rosewood (according to some swatches I saw online) and I don't like rosewood on me.  I'm sure I have a lifetime worth of taupes in those SUQQU palettes too :(

I was really happy about the service because it was very fast and no fuss.  If I ever need to buy more RBR products then I will purchase from their website again.

Update 26/09/2013
Overall I'm not in love with most of the eyeshadows.  I think it's because they irritated my eyes.  I have used them with a clean brushes and tested them with and without primers and cream base.  Maybe my eyes are just too sensitive. Certain popular mascaras have fumes that give a burning sensation when the wand is near my eyes.  

Out of the Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow Colour range I can only like Unforgettable Oriole but it doesn't last on me.  All the other shades were irritating to wear.  They are look lovely on but sigh :(

The Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow Colours didn't really work on me either, they creased and disappear really quickly even with primer.  For some odd reason, if I layer Addiction shadows on top, they are fine. I found an alternative use for Grey Go-away Lourie, it makes a good brow color when I want slightly darker brows and it makes my liquid brown pen shade look less warm.

Update 13/10/13

Picked up a few more shades during the RBR sale.  
Chestnut Napped Apalis, Fire Tailed Sunbird and Solstice Halcyon.
They are also changing the pan sizes to 2g as you can see with Solstice Halcyon.  I didn't read the description box and I purchased the pot version thinking it would be bigger than the refill.
I also picked up Sea of Clouds after trying their sample from the last order.
Once again impressed with the dispatch speed and packaging.


  1. I don't like Rosewood on me, but I LOVE Solstice Halcyon. Hope this is helpful.

  2. Hmm now I'll have to add that to the wishlist to remind myself to add it to the basket for the next round... maybe when one of the highlighting liquids run out haha