Saturday, June 1, 2013

Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow Palette EX-14 RURIDAMA 瑠璃珠

I ordered this as it was released.

The colors remind me of an artist that I really admired years ago.

I think the promotional picture is quite close to the actual product.  The dark blue/purple shade is difficult to photograph without a macro lens.  I can't capture the magenta particles with my current camera :(

You can decide if you want to buy or skip (all pictures are taken in natural light)

As you can see in the swatch, the colors are not going to show up really well without some help.
I think the purples will work better over a base color.  The dark blue looks a lot better over black.

Left side: bare skin.  Middle is all four shades layered on bare skin. Right side: Applied over Fyrinnae Pixie epoxy

Just for reference:
The pastel pink is not the same as the one in EX-12.  This one is less shimmery and bluer in hue.  It has a very similar effect on my skin texture and coloring. (they look the same lol)

Left: EX-14 Right: EX-12

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