Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SUQQU Spring Summer 2013 Palettes

Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow Palettes 

SUMIREDAMA EX-11 (artificial light)

SUMIREDAMA EX-11 (sunlight)

 HISUIDAMA EX-12 (artificial light)
HISUIDAMA EX-12 (sunlight)

GINUSUDAMA EX-13 (artificial light)
This version is closest to what I see in person.
GINUSUDAMA EX-13 (sunlight)

L to R: SUMIREDAMA EX-11, HISUIDAMA EX-12, GINUSUDAMA EX-13 (artificial light)

L to R: SUMIREDAMA EX-11, HISUIDAMA EX-12, GINUSUDAMA EX-13 (artificial light)

SUMIREDAMA EX-11,  GINUSUDAMA EX-13 (duochrome in artificial light)
In person they look very similar.  I would say one is warm and one is cool tone.
EX-11 is a purple, it's not the red kind, it's on the blue side.  EX-13 version is blue grey.
I think EX-13 is smoother and prettier on my skin tone and the duochrome actually shows up better.

SUQQU FACE COLOR limited edition EX-02 (artificial light)

SUQQU FACE COLOR limited edition EX-02 (sunlight)

I just got these and I thought I'd post some photos of them even though I'm not very happy with these pictures.  They are very pretty in person. 

I have to say that keely_JI's photos are very accurate and the swatches do correspond to what I see in person now that I have these palettes.  The official photos on the SUQQU website are good enough for me to say they are not misleading.

EX-12 Hisuidama does look like EX-08 Hanamari but since I don't have both I can't really say they are not the same.
I think the brown color is not warm/yellow tone and it has a duochrome sheen like the other palettes in this release. To me it really looks like this photo that I took in natural light.

I hope this is helpful for anyone ordering without seeing these in person.

Edit: Swatches of EX-11 and EX-13 over NARS eye primer.
L to R EX-13 (white, pink, brown orange, blue grey) and Ex-11 (purple, light brown, pink, pale yellow)

on bare skin in the same order

If you want the duochrome to be very strong, use epoxy.  I couldn't tell the difference between the bottom left shades when I used epoxy.  The smoothest shade is the top right.  


  1. I would love to see some swatches as I am looking to order 11 but 13 looks good too

  2. I've added some swatches. I hope they help you, I'm sorry it took so long. I'm going to blame the rainy weather :)