Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chikuhodo brushes

Chikuhodo Z-9 Powder

Another powder brush...I know right, why do I need another?  Honestly I don't need another but I just couldn't resist.  Brushes don't expire so it's ok :P

I purchased this brush because delicatehummingbird said it was amazing.  It is amazing.  Most of the hair strands in this brush are tapered, I can barely find hairs that have blunt tips and the hairs feel extremely silky like newborn baby hair (but not as thin).  Well to be honest the hair quality is superior to RMK, Lunasol and the SUQQU eyeshadow brushes I have.

Chikuhodo Z-10 Eye Shadow

The hair quality on this brush are really healthy, silky and feel amazing on my skin.  This brush is similar to the Burberry one that I love a lot, it's just longer and has a pointy tip.

I think I won't be buying anymore brushes are a while.  I don't have anymore brushes on my wishlist.

I purchased these brushes via now-eproject. They only sell Chikuhodo products.  The shipping fee was $35, tracking was provided and it arrived within 2 weeks.  I think they have world wide shipping.  They package the goods extremely well.

Overall, I would recommend the Z series for luxury brush collectors.  I wasn't disappointed at all and maybe in the future I will consider purchasing more brushes from this series but for now I have enough brushes for my makeup routine.

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  1. I love a good powder brush, but the pencil brush looks absolutely amazing for working shadows into the crease! These brushes just look beautiful! xo