Sunday, January 27, 2013

Giorgio Armani Blender brush

Detailed photo on the bristles

I haven't used it yet, straight out of the box.
On the back of the box it says 100% natural hair (Marten) and "Made in China"

Some MUA reviewers complained about it smelling bad after washing.

First impression:
Has an animal smell to it when I used it around my nose.
This brush is soft but firm enough to blend cream like products. It can leave streaks depending on how you use it and of course it depends on the products too.  For my test it was ok, it wasn't life changing.

So did it smell after washing?
It didn't smell when I was washing it.   It smelled really bad when it was drying.   I don't know if I want to name what it smells like.  It didn't smell bad at all when I was patting it dry but after leaving it alone for 30 mins, the smell developed.  I have tried washing it 3 times to far.  Shampooing it makes the smell go away but it comes back as soon as I leave it to dry.  It's a nice day for drying things too.

At this point I really have to say I am very disappointed.
I purchased this from a department store so it can't be a bad fake.

I can't bare to look at it anymore. I dropped it off at my sister's.  Maybe my niece will use it as a paint brush or something.

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  1. I haven't seen any Giorgio Armani brushes before but this brush looks so pretty! Definitely interested in hearing your thoughts on it :)