Thursday, January 26, 2012

RMK Pressed Powder N (Case + Refill) 01 Pale White

Just a photo of the product.

I really like this product.  It really sets my foundation and makes the skin look smooth.

Lunasol by KANEBO Powder Brush N

It's a mix of uncut and cut hair.
It picks up powder well and doesn't move any foundation or concealer work.

But I still wish it was more silky soft like the RMK cheek brush but it wouldn't be very good at picking up product if it was.

It can be a little bit prickly if you stipple this on your skin.  It's meant for patting and dusting.

About $75 AUD
Another Delicate hummingbird inspired purchase.

RMK Cheek Brush

To be honest it is extremely soft.  You'll want to throw out the other brushes after using this.

Most of the hairs are tapered.  Some are cut but don't really notice them because the hairs are so silky.  I think the cut ones are in there to give the brush some stiffness.

This is about $45 AUD

I saw this on Delicate Hummingbird and I was like... hmm purchase and I didn't regret it.


Some sort of lash serum that is suppose to moisturise and nourish your lashes to prevent breakage etc.  I think it works since my lash tips are not blunt lately.

That being said... don't curl your lashes before applying.
Curl after 3 mins or something.  I promise it's not clumpy or flaky.
I think it helps my curl stay curled if I use a non water proof mascara but I am not the kind of person that likes super curled lashes.  It just prevents my lashes from going super straight.

I don't understand why it has pink shimmer in the product which is why I took a picture of it like that for anyone curious.

Update: I have used up a tube and repurchased + I have a back up.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Avance Joli et Joli et Liquid Eyeliner

This brown eyeliner claims to resist sweat and tears all day.

This is great for lining inbetween the lashes. It lasts all day for this purpose.
However it can fade if applied to eyelid skin that is not primed and you have applied eyecream etc.

I really like this eyeliner and I would recommend.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Comparison of False Eyelashes between Dollywink, D.U.P. and Velour

Lash comparison photo. (They were in the same photo but cut and pasted to be closer.  I might redo the photo later when the weather is not being gloomy. The differences are still obvious)

They are all taper end type lashes, they are not bluntly cut.

a. Velour - Are Those Real?  (Mink hair)
b. D.U.P.Eyelashes 912
c. D.U.P.Eyelashes 911
d. Dollywink - 11 Pure Sweet
e. Dollywink - 1 Dolly Sweet

I prefer the D.U.P lashes.  They are limited edition :(
They also make the best lash glue :)

Also a close up comparison with Dollywink - 1 Dolly Sweet (left)  & Dollywink - 11 Pure Sweet (right)

I find the d.u.p lashes work best if the glue was applied to the lash line rather than the lash strip and there will be no problems applying these with that method.  I personally hate the lash strip method especially with d.u.p glue, it dries clear and you don't need a lot it on for it to stick. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lunasol Ocean Scene Eyes EX01 Shelly Ocean

Lunasol to see the other colors.

I don't know why I got this and never used it.
I already have 2 other similar ones 

Dior 'Backstage Expert' Holiday Eye Palette

Just a photo of this so far.
Hope it helps anyone that wants good look at the colors in natural light.

For anyone interested, I think these shadows are meant to be used with the sponge tips because if you try to pick up product with a blending brush be prepared for some fallout.

The liner is really nice to use, it's on the soft side and it's very fluid to use.

SUQQU Eyebrow Liquid Pen in 01 Moss green

It looks really natural on bare skin (no excess eye cream or sunscreen).

You might find it difficult to build the color on skin that has skincare products on it.  
This formula only applies darker if you have something for it to hold onto like powder.   

By the way, if it ever feels like it's not drawing well, wipe with a tissue to remove the dried film layer.

I would repurchase if I could.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Label.M Protein Spray

Smells nice and makes hair shiny.  I love the smell.  It has that lovely natural fresh flower smell it's amazing because it's not overpowering.

I also notice that my hair looks nicer for longer, it didn't get oily on the 2nd day.

Soft and shiny hair that has volume!

It's about $28 to $35 depending on the Salon or online store.

Guerlain Meteorites Perles Illuminating Powder - Teint Rose

The photo was taken after I had cleaned the container a bit.
Just to let you know the balls are very delicate and can be quite powdery when you first open the container.

Twilight powder?
When you look at your skin in sunlight.  It sparkles, like bling.  
Indoors you will look fine... glowy yet matte.  Just like the vampires in the movie!

The white specks are the sparkles.  This is with a light dusting on the cheeks.
I think this could control oil quite well since my skin felt dry after applying.

The product applied on skin.  White specks are the glitters.

Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation - YO 03

Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation - YO 03

I think this foundation is amazing looking when you first apply it.

It doesn't look powdery at all. Looks better than liquid foundation.
This shade gives me a nice sun kissed look. I imagine it would be nice to own 2 shades.

There are no shimmers or any particles that the eyes can see in direct natural light.
Can crease after a few hours, blotting and touch ups are required.
Oil control for this is not good so this is great for dry skin.

I hope this is helpful as this product is expensive. The refill alone is $37 USD or $260 HKD

Well loved as you  can see.
Update 7/10/13
Hit pan but it is now discontinued :(