Sunday, December 23, 2012

TOMS Classic Grey Canvas Flat Shoes - Ash canvas UK 5

I dress like a kid :)
I purchased these TOMS from asos because they were discounted down to $43.35.

These shoes are great for walking.  To break into them/soften the material, just wet it with some water and massage and wiggle it a bit and wear them.  They can stretch to 1/2 bigger and shrink back once you wash them.  Exactly like jeans. They are easy to clean, just put them in a bucket and add some shower gel and swirl it around/ soak for 10 mins, rinse and and put them out to dry.

I have worn them death, they are great for vacations that involve a lot of walking.  I did a 8km walk on uneven ground and I was fine but I ended up with a tan line.  Most of the time I would be walking about 3km in these 3 to 4 times a week.  After all that I think they lasted 4 months before the sole wore out and the material started to get holey near the base of the heel.

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