Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lantern Moon Destiny Circular Needles in Ebony

I am not a knitting expert but I as usual I like to get the unusual brands.

I purchased these needles from two different sellers.
The one on the left is from an ebay store called Yarnbow with 100% rating and the other one is from Fabulous Yarns.

The 16" version has a matte finish and the white text on it is rather unclear and a different font.  You can see with the comparison shot.  This is not as smooth as the other finish.
The 32" version has this really polished finish, it is really slick and glossy.

Anyways the 16" version feels more like wood.  I have no idea if they are both authentic (old and new stock) or counterfeit.  I can't tell if they are both ebony wood either.  I'm not game enough to scratch them to see if it is black all the way.  They are nice needles but I won't say you must get these.
For the price, these don't make you knitter any better than cheaper wood or metal needles, I see no benefit what so ever.  They are pretty and that is all.

They cost less than makeup or art paint brushes.  However they cost 2 to 3 times more than KnitPicks needles (at RRP).  You can buy the entire interchangeable set for the price of the 2 I'm showing :)
While I'm on the topic of comparing these to knitpicks, knitpicks cords are more flexible and behave better if you want to know.

Different packaging.

Different finishing

As always, I hope this is helpful for anyone that is considering a purchase in the near future.

Update, the shiny finish wears off rather quickly leaving a dull lighter color wood that isn't as smooth as before.  I only did 5 rows of 49 stitches...

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