Friday, November 2, 2012

Clarins Rouge Prodige Lipstick & Gloss

Clarins Rouge Prodige Lipstick in Color 115 Rose Coral

This lipstick is sheer.
It has a strong fruit candy smell.  It has shimmer that you can feel on the lips when you press your lips together and the texture is very sticky.  I don't like this lipstick.

Clarins Gloss Prodige Lip Gloss in Color 08 Papaya

This is pigmented for a gloss.  
It has gold shimmer and a sticky texture.  This has a scent but not as strong as the lipstick.

Both products felt drying and emphasized lip lines and you'll probably notice that in the pictures below.

Wearing Burberry Sheer Foundation in Trench 4.
Lip swatch with no liner, no balm or base etc:
bare lips

Rose Coral


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