Monday, October 15, 2012

Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Femme Fatale Cosmetics is a company based in Brisbane.  I thought it was awesome to support a local company.  I found them via and please check out her swatches, they are amazing.

I've done two purchases with Femme Fatale Cosmetics and both experiences have been great.
The first time I actually purchased the products because their names were like skills/abilities in World of Warcraft and I thought it would be funny to have something like that. 

For eyeshadows I have the The Lord of the Centuries Collection, Gemtone Collection + another 20 other shades and some free samples with my yeah I don't really have time to do a swatch of everything.

My terrible attempt at swatch making
crusader (discontinued)

No base on my arm next to the window

Hibernate is my favorite green color and it looks great on my eyes and feels light weight. That's a dry swipe on my hand.
NARS Lhasa, FFC Illusions, FFC Rampage, Burberry no. 24 Mulberry
Dry swatch on my arm.  Not the best photo, doesn't do any of these shadows justice.
I thought Illusions looked like Lhasa's pan color but with a shift color, Lhasa's shine is white. Rampage looks like Mulberry's pan color but with bonus gold shift color.  FFC is a lot more pigmented and probably more difficult to use for a inexperienced makeup user like myself.  
The texture is very fine and smooth.  I haven't tried all of them but the ones I have tried are all pigmented and smooth. 

I like the Gemtone nail polishes.  As far as I can tell from using them, the swatch photos on the website are spot on if you have the skills to apply it as neatly hehe.  I wish I can have nail painting abilities. 


  1. I have a few samples of their shadows. :D But I haven't tried them yet! Your swatches make me look forward to it though.