Friday, August 31, 2012

Rae Morris Brushes

Brush 8: Medium Precision Shader
Soft, no scratchy feeling when blending.  

Brush 9: Detail Precision Shader
A bit stiffer than Brush 8.  A lot softer than a mac 219.  

Together with postage they cost $61.00 AUD from the Rae Morris website.

If you look at the version they have on the website, it looks a lot more tapered and so on.  Like they are styled to form a fine tip.  
I purchased from the official website, this is exactly what they looked like when I received them.  

They are a mix of cut and uncut (tapered tip) hairs.  I am not sure what kind of hair they are made of but they  are not silky soft like SUQQU, RMK or Laura Mercier brushes, I read somewhere that they are squirrel hair.

I still prefer Laura Mercier eye brushes.  The hair on these are healthier and softer at the same price point.

This is my favourite eyeshadow brush and I own 2.

The photos are cropped from the same photo (they were in frame right next to each other) in case you wanted to know how they compared in size relative to each other.  

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