Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hada Crie by Hitachi CM-N810-P

Recently I purchased a Hada Crie by Hitachi CM-N810-P.

I got it after reading about it on Cutie Fishball's blog
I was sold and literally looking for a seller for a few hours and settled for one on ebay and it was shipped from Japan within a week and the seller was very nice and helpful.

Hada Crie by Hitachi CM-N810-P

I think it's an interesting little machine. You need to have 10+ mins to us this.
I didn't get any gross cotton pad results.
Even though I didn't see anything "ew" on the cottons, my skin felt cleaner and pores were noticeably smaller and clean.  To be fair, I rarely wear base makeup.  Once every 2 weeks if that.

When I changed the cleansing mode to strong, my cotton was slightly discolored after days of  clean looking cottons with regular mode.
I got compliments on my skin even though I am sick with a bad cold for weeks.

As I am lazy, I don't always keep at it for 5 mins, I don't use it everyday and I still have good results.

It does the job well, no over hype in my opinion.
It's hygienic, since you throw away the cottons after use unlike a brush head.
Quiet machine, partners won't complain.
Makes mask time a little less boring.
Products are more effective because I am spending time to make it absorb and not pat & smear method then zzzz....

Only problem is this machine is not water proof so you have to be careful. Slightly time consuming if you want to do the whole routine haha.
You will burn through cotton pads (I recommend getting those 5 layer ones and only use 3 layers)

By the way, my Clarisonic Pro hasn't been touched since, it might be body scrub exclusive now.

Update after a few months of use (August to December)

I have been slacking with the usage however I still use this more than 5 times a week.  I haven't had any massive painful pimples since.  *touchwood lol

Battery life is good.  I haven't charged it since.  I only use cleanse mode on high.  Other modes I have only used maybe 20 times.

My clarisonic pro has crapped itself during this time as it no longer charges properly, only had it for 2 years or less.  I charge it and use it once and the battery is flat the next time I want to use it.

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