Friday, August 31, 2012

Fossil Women's Shay Boot

Fossil Women's Shay Boot in Black size 7.

I wish the curve that leads up to the shaft was the product pictures on the website!

They are well made considering the "made in china" label. The leather is decent and the grip on the bottom of the booties is practical as in you won't slide down the escalator.  They haven't fallen apart after a few wears... so quality wise they pass for craftsmanship.

Design & Fit:
I want to like them but they were not meant for my feet/legs.
They are true to size and the width was good.  
However the shaft is too wide and stiff and makes walking a bit awkward.
The booties are not padded, and the sole is thin.  I recommend gel inserts or custom foot support inserts + thick cushion socks.
The arch support is non existent for high arches.  
Avoid if you have thin feet with long toes because the shoe bends at the wrong point for long toes.
Probably not suitable for driving, reduces foot movement and precision.

Here is a photo of them as new.

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