Thursday, January 12, 2012

Comparison of False Eyelashes between Dollywink, D.U.P. and Velour

Lash comparison photo. (They were in the same photo but cut and pasted to be closer.  I might redo the photo later when the weather is not being gloomy. The differences are still obvious)

They are all taper end type lashes, they are not bluntly cut.

a. Velour - Are Those Real?  (Mink hair)
b. D.U.P.Eyelashes 912
c. D.U.P.Eyelashes 911
d. Dollywink - 11 Pure Sweet
e. Dollywink - 1 Dolly Sweet

I prefer the D.U.P lashes.  They are limited edition :(
They also make the best lash glue :)

Also a close up comparison with Dollywink - 1 Dolly Sweet (left)  & Dollywink - 11 Pure Sweet (right)

I find the d.u.p lashes work best if the glue was applied to the lash line rather than the lash strip and there will be no problems applying these with that method.  I personally hate the lash strip method especially with d.u.p glue, it dries clear and you don't need a lot it on for it to stick. 

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