Sunday, December 30, 2012

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Something I've had for a while now.  It has been used a little bit.  I tried every color at least once. Used some colors for a few weeks but then I got sick of them.
Most of the wear is from me wiping it down with a tissue more than me using it on my eyelids. Overall, the fall out is too much for me so it became neglected.  I also remember having irritated and dry eyes while wearing those shadows so that is another reason why it became neglected.

Karl for Shu eye and cheek palette: Prestigious Bordeaux

The shadows were a bit messy as new.
Full view for texture. The sky was a bit cloudy so there wasn't direct sunlight to help bring out the sparkles.

This is now $61 AUD at David Jones and free postage if you don't have a counter near by.
Oddly enough cheaper than the US website price.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

TOMS Classic Grey Canvas Flat Shoes - Ash canvas UK 5

I dress like a kid :)
I purchased these TOMS from asos because they were discounted down to $43.35.

These shoes are great for walking.  To break into them/soften the material, just wet it with some water and massage and wiggle it a bit and wear them.  They can stretch to 1/2 bigger and shrink back once you wash them.  Exactly like jeans. They are easy to clean, just put them in a bucket and add some shower gel and swirl it around/ soak for 10 mins, rinse and and put them out to dry.

I have worn them death, they are great for vacations that involve a lot of walking.  I did a 8km walk on uneven ground and I was fine but I ended up with a tan line.  Most of the time I would be walking about 3km in these 3 to 4 times a week.  After all that I think they lasted 4 months before the sole wore out and the material started to get holey near the base of the heel.

Paul and Joe Lipstick Refill - Full Pigment 302 and 303

So I heard these lipsticks were lightweight, creamy, long lasting and pigmented.
Lightweight and creamy...yes.
Pigmented... maybe after 3 coats with a lip brush.  
Long lasting... a faded stain.  No ring on the lip line but fades even enough after a 3 course meal + drinks.
They are not drying, actually very comfortable and moisturizing.   
By the way, they are scented but not noticeable after application and they don't have a horrible taste at all.

I like them :)

Silk Stockings 303 (top) & Retro 302 (bottom)

I got mine from and atm they are $15.30 AUD + free shipping.

Lantern Moon Destiny Circular Needles in Ebony

I am not a knitting expert but I as usual I like to get the unusual brands.

I purchased these needles from two different sellers.
The one on the left is from an ebay store called Yarnbow with 100% rating and the other one is from Fabulous Yarns.

The 16" version has a matte finish and the white text on it is rather unclear and a different font.  You can see with the comparison shot.  This is not as smooth as the other finish.
The 32" version has this really polished finish, it is really slick and glossy.

Anyways the 16" version feels more like wood.  I have no idea if they are both authentic (old and new stock) or counterfeit.  I can't tell if they are both ebony wood either.  I'm not game enough to scratch them to see if it is black all the way.  They are nice needles but I won't say you must get these.
For the price, these don't make you knitter any better than cheaper wood or metal needles, I see no benefit what so ever.  They are pretty and that is all.

They cost less than makeup or art paint brushes.  However they cost 2 to 3 times more than KnitPicks needles (at RRP).  You can buy the entire interchangeable set for the price of the 2 I'm showing :)
While I'm on the topic of comparing these to knitpicks, knitpicks cords are more flexible and behave better if you want to know.

Different packaging.

Different finishing

As always, I hope this is helpful for anyone that is considering a purchase in the near future.

Update, the shiny finish wears off rather quickly leaving a dull lighter color wood that isn't as smooth as before.  I only did 5 rows of 49 stitches...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

THREE 4D Eye Palette 02

Something that I've wanted for while.

A THREE 4D Eye Palette in 02.

I was tempted to try something from THREE because my favourite bloggers were raving about THREE eyeliners. However, I don't like pencil eyeliners so I picked eye shadow and the blue looks similar to Blue Moon from Addiction (which I don't have yet and I am hoping I don't need it with this palette in my stash).

Anyways, as usual I hope these photo are helpful for those that are hesitant about buying this without seeing it in person.  Full view for texture.  The sunlight really makes this palette sparkle.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer

Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer
Color: OCHER

I only used 3mm of product from my last one, that took 2 years (It was a lighter shade). The old tube is still good, it didn't dry out or become rancid but it does say 24 months on the tube.

Glides on like a dream, no tugging and it blends really well.  Emollient and leaves a dewy finish.  I can't fault the formula in other words.  I have a feeling there is more fragrance in this than the old tube I had.  The fragrance lingers and if the smell bothers you then I won't recommend this product.

This shade I have here matches my dark (more tanned) forehead but it is too dark for the rest of my face like under eye area so I can't really use it for that.
I guess this will be one of those products I can use to darken my complexion.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Burberry No. 10 Definition Liner Brush

This brush is really soft and gentle to use.  Softer than Suqqu!  Yes, it is possible!
They both do the same thing but the Burberry feels better in my opinion. 

Since Suqqu brushes are difficult to obtain, give the Burberry one a fair go because it is not as expensive and the quality is better.

Burberry No. 10 Definition Liner Brush

Burberry No. 10 Definition Liner Brush next to Suqqu EyeShadow Brush M 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


NARS Lipstick in  TZIGANE

Since I can't repurchase my favourite nude lipstick from Dior anymore, I had to find a new nude color and this is perfect even though it isn't as pale.  I think it's a wonderful colour to give my lips some life when I'm in a hurry to get out the door and there is no time to fiddle around with a bright lip color.

Applies like a dream, light weight, no scent or taste... everything I want from a lipstick.


Friday, November 16, 2012


My order arrived within 12 days.  UK to Australia if anyone is interested.  I think that is a very reasonable time frame. This is probably the fastest I have received something from the UK without express postage fees.
Here are the goods:
Scrumptious Lace Water 100g each
Nef Sock Sea Green 400m 100g

Suqqu 2012 Christmas Makeup Kit B

The EX-10 Hikarikonayuki palette is the only reason to buy Suqqu 2012 Christmas Makeup Kit B :P

I hope the pictures help anyone that want to buy this palette without seeing the product in person.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Midnight Blue

Burberry  Sheer Eyeshadow No. 20 Midnight blue

Burberry Sheer Foundation Trench  4 on skin.
NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
Pale Barley all over the lid and Midnight Blue as liner.
D.U.P.Eyelashes 911

I think this blue is really pretty as a liner.
I'm not skilled with smokey looks so this is the only way I'll wear this product....sigh

Friday, November 2, 2012

More Addiction By Ayako

Last time I featured two eyeshadows and a cheek stick and I have recently purchased two more eyeshadows and a lipstick.

For colour reference I have them in the same photo.
Pink Python, Silent Screen, Concrete Jungle, Sandbar

I really like Pink Python & Concrete Jungle.  They look kind of scary in the pan but they look lovely when applied.  Sandbar is nice for inner corner highlight for my skin tone, it's subtle and elegant.

Revenge & Last Scene

So far I have only used them as lipsticks.  The weather is too humid for testing face products.
The texture of these are neither drying or moisturising, they are neutral.  I always apply with a lip brush because they are quite bright and pigmented.  Personally I like to apply a long lasting gloss over Revenge to dull it down a little bit in color and to give it some shine as you can see it looks a little bit dry.



Last Scene

BECCA Ultimate Colour Gloss SPF 15 Color Malibu Punch - bright tangerine

BECCA Ultimate Colour Gloss SPF 15 Color Malibu Punch - bright tangerine

The color is lovely and perfect for summer and the up coming Melbourne Cup event.

The texture is amazing because it is moisturizing and light weight while it is very pigmented.
Very comfortable to wear with no sticky feeling, foul taste or smells.
The product has a very light vanilla bean smell, like the real pods not the essence or artificial vanilla sugar.

Bare lips
Malibu Punch 

Clarins Rouge Prodige Lipstick & Gloss

Clarins Rouge Prodige Lipstick in Color 115 Rose Coral

This lipstick is sheer.
It has a strong fruit candy smell.  It has shimmer that you can feel on the lips when you press your lips together and the texture is very sticky.  I don't like this lipstick.

Clarins Gloss Prodige Lip Gloss in Color 08 Papaya

This is pigmented for a gloss.  
It has gold shimmer and a sticky texture.  This has a scent but not as strong as the lipstick.

Both products felt drying and emphasized lip lines and you'll probably notice that in the pictures below.

Wearing Burberry Sheer Foundation in Trench 4.
Lip swatch with no liner, no balm or base etc:
bare lips

Rose Coral


Hakuhodo - small brushes

From left to right
Hakuhodo G521 Eyeliner Brush D1
Hakuhodo G5515BkSL Eye Shadow Brush pointed
Hakuhodo G5513BkSL Eye Shadow Brush round flat
Hakuhodo 270 Lip Brush flat

For size comparison I have Included some other brushes so you can see how small these actually are.

Laura Mercier Eye Crease brush
MAC 217
SUQQU L Eyeshadow Brush
SUQQU M Eyeshadow Brush
Hakuhodo G521 Eyeliner Brush D1
Hakuhodo G5515BkSL Eye Shadow Brush pointed
Hakuhodo G5513BkSL Eye Shadow Brush round flat
Hakuhodo 270 Lip Brush flat
RMK Lip Brush (Handy Type)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Suqqu Haul

I got someone to help me purchase some SUQQU products from the UK.

Here is a photo line up of the SUQQU Blend Colour eyeshadow that I own for colour reference.  (Natural overcast day while indoors)

Blend Colour eyeshadow
01 Kakitsubata 06 Ginbudou 11 Himesango 09 Usumoegi

Nuancing cheeks EX-02.

Two eyeshadow brushes.  
They are very silky and the hair feels extremely healthy and has a good spring.  I don't know why but they give my skin a cooling sensation when I brush over my skin and it feels very nice.  These make a certain eyeshadow brush I have feel like fried split ends.
They are a mix of cut and uncut squirrel hair or something.

Photo taken after I unboxed them and removed the plastic.  
They don't smell like anything in case you are wondering about animal or chemical smells.  
Eyeshadow Brush L & Eyeshadow Brush M

Rouge Bunny Rouge

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Bronzing Glow Liquid - As if it Were Summer Still... 50 ml 
This is my first ever bronzer of any kind.
I like to use it to darken any bb cream or even sunscreen that gives a white cast.  

It has a 12 month lifespan and I don't know if I will even get half way before that happens.

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Highlighting Liquid - Sea of Tranquility 30 ml
I'm not sure how to use this properly yet but it is a light beige pink highlight and it's not shimmery at all.

I'd say that these products are very expensive especially after shipping costs were added on top.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Femme Fatale Cosmetics is a company based in Brisbane.  I thought it was awesome to support a local company.  I found them via and please check out her swatches, they are amazing.

I've done two purchases with Femme Fatale Cosmetics and both experiences have been great.
The first time I actually purchased the products because their names were like skills/abilities in World of Warcraft and I thought it would be funny to have something like that. 

For eyeshadows I have the The Lord of the Centuries Collection, Gemtone Collection + another 20 other shades and some free samples with my yeah I don't really have time to do a swatch of everything.

My terrible attempt at swatch making
crusader (discontinued)

No base on my arm next to the window

Hibernate is my favorite green color and it looks great on my eyes and feels light weight. That's a dry swipe on my hand.
NARS Lhasa, FFC Illusions, FFC Rampage, Burberry no. 24 Mulberry
Dry swatch on my arm.  Not the best photo, doesn't do any of these shadows justice.
I thought Illusions looked like Lhasa's pan color but with a shift color, Lhasa's shine is white. Rampage looks like Mulberry's pan color but with bonus gold shift color.  FFC is a lot more pigmented and probably more difficult to use for a inexperienced makeup user like myself.  
The texture is very fine and smooth.  I haven't tried all of them but the ones I have tried are all pigmented and smooth. 

I like the Gemtone nail polishes.  As far as I can tell from using them, the swatch photos on the website are spot on if you have the skills to apply it as neatly hehe.  I wish I can have nail painting abilities. 


I have been using a trial pack that I purchased after seeing some raving reviews.

Overall the packaging is beautiful. The paper texture is a nice touch and the booklet of the products and story behind the line is great.

Here is how I feel about the products:

Blotting paper: They work.  The size is good and the occasional gold leaf is pretty.

Camellia Cleansing Oil
This is quite nice for removing sunscreen & makeup.  I will probably buy a full size when I run out. 

Classic/Gentle/Deep Rice Enzyme Powder. They feel luxurious to use.
However my skin doesn't feel polished, it feels matte.  This is probably caused by the talc.
The box of a full size one has the full list of ingredients and Talc is first on the list.

Deep Brightening Serum. It feels lovely to use.  It is scented lightly. I don't know if it does what it claims but then again I live in Australia so anything that is suppose to help fade spots/pigmentation/whatever is probably not going to work at all.

Moisture Rich Silk Cream.  I like it.  It feels like a light lotion to me.

So out of the 5 different products I like the oil, blotting paper, serum and cream.

They have change the sample kit lately.  I am thinking about buying more products later when they have stock.